Machine Made Gold and Silver Leaf & Flakes



We have state of an art production unit for making Edible Gold and Silver Leaf without using Animal skin.

We have Silver Leaf (Varakh) having purity 99.95% and 24k Gold Leaf.

We are the only manufacturer of Edible Gold and Silver flakes in Shaker for using in Mocktail, Cocktail and Garnishing food. 


King Brand Edible Gold and Silver Leaf, Flakes

King Brand Edible Gold and Silver flakes is markting using an innovative procedure that utilizes 100% purely VEGETARIAN means to produce the most pure silver and gold foil or Varakh as opposed to the ordinary varakh otherwise available.

THIS IS THE ONLY PROCESS IN THE WORLD that is capable of producing truly vegetarian Varakh untouched even by human hands. The procedure excludes every process of animal component contamination as well as human contamination by touching.

KING BRAND is produced by revolutionary machinery that has been designed and perfected for this process alone after a careful 15-year study of various methods and procedures used to produce silver and gold foil the world over. This procedure, combined with the choicest select metals (gold and silver), and the fact that none of the varakh is ever touched by leather or ox-gut parchment, makes it the most meticulous process of producing this precious commodity.


We are the only maker of free flow edible gold and silver flakes. Our Gold and silver flakes are very useful to decorate cake, chocolate, lollipop, cupcake, cocktail, mocktail, salad.. Our flakes are widely use for making edible Silver dragees and Jordan Almond. Other major use is in Premium Vodka, Wine and Food Garnishing.

Artists also use it in Painting, Woodwork, and Wall Decoration.

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24K Machine made Gold leaf

Edible 24 carat Gold leaf. Specially made for Architecture work and food decoration. 4 Pages of 6 X 4 Inch
₹ 1,000.00

Edible Silver Leaf (150 Pages)(VARAKH)

Silver Leaf (Varakh)Rs.500/150 Pages of Silver. Size 5.5 inchX 5.5 inch.. It's made 99.9% Pure silver,totally computerize machine made and in any stage of production no material used from animal origin.. PURE VAGETARIAN
₹ 500.00

Gold flakes with Shaker (0.3 Gms)

Edible gold for garnishing food,vodka,wine,drinks and icecream.
₹ 1,600.00

Edible Silver flakes with Shaker (0.5 Gms)

Edible silver flakes suitable for food garnishing,drinks,chocolate and best for making Dragees and Jordan Almond.
₹ 240.00